Longevity Protein

Longevity Protein

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Formulated with 25g of complete, plant-based amino acids to support muscle synthesis and repair while also keeping IGF-1, a pathway known to accelerate aging, low for optimal aging. L-Protein is the only powder patented for longevity. Use it after a workout, as part of a healthy breakfast, or as a snack during your feeding window.
  • Optimal muscle and body support
  • High protein, low carbohydrates
  • Plant-based proteins
  • 21 vitamins and minerals sourced from fruits and veggies
  • Clean ingredients: Plant-based & free from dairy, GMO, soy and silica

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The world’s only patented protein powder to support longevity and healthy aging.

Fuel with premium plant-based proteins for muscle repair and enhanced performance.


No, L-Protein is not part of our intermittent fasting product line. It is intended to be consumed during your feeding window as part of your overall daily calories and protein goals.
L-Protein can be used daily to meet your overall daily protein goals. Be sure to consume this protein during your feeding window.
Our Fasting Shake is part of our intermittent fasting product line. It is intended to be consumed during your fasting window, as it will not break your fast or affect your ketone levels during time restricted feeding (TRF). Additionally, the Fasting Shake is also intentionally low in protein to stay below our body’s nutrient sensing pathways. L-Protein is consumed when you are eating food. It provides calories and a high dose of protein. It can be used as fuel post workout, as part of a healthy breakfast or lunch when you do break your fast, or it can simply be used as a supplement to increase your overall protein intake each day.
Unlike other vegan protein powders, L-Protein uses peas, black beans and chickpeas as part of its overall protein composition rather than grain-based proteins like brown rice or oat powder, which helps to keep our composition lower in carbohydrates. The legumes we use are known to support healthy aging and are part of our overall longevity diet protocols, contributing a healthy dose of plant-based fibers to your diet. L-Protein includes extracts of whole vegetables like broccoli and mushrooms to enhance its nutrient composition and digestibility. Unlike other vegan brands, our protein powder is organic, non-GMO, low carb, free of any harmful additives, gluten or soy. It’s made from whole ingredients, nothing else.
Our formula is considered low carbohydrate (~6g of Net Carbs per serving). However, the level of ketosis will depend on the person and how they are using our powder in combination with other foods during their day.