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Holiday Survival Bundle

Holiday Health Hacking with Prolon Products

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How to incorporate these into your everyday life:

Daily Plan
Notes: The nutrition biotechnology used to create the 1-Day Reset, Fasting Shake and Fasting Bar are the same as the formulations used in the Prolon 5-Day Program.

Consuming the Fasting Shake or Fasting Bar will not count as breaking your fast! The Fasting Shake and Fasting Bars can be used as a breakfast or post-dinner snack on the other days of the week to help you to either elongate your overnight fast or begin your fast at night.

The 1-Day Reset will allow you to follow a guided, full-day fast using our science backed nutrition formulations.

You'll have enough product for 4 weeks.

1-Day Reset

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Fasting Shake

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Fasting Bars

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