Fasting Shake™

Fasting Shake™

Nourish the body without the guilt! The best from nature, nurtured by ProLon longevity science.

Fasting shake is the latest breakthrough in nutrition and healthy aging science. We all strive to eat the cleanest premium ingredients, help our bodies perform at their best, and age slower. After 18 years of cutting-edge nutrition research led by L-Nutra and 14 universities, nutri-tech scientists have identified a proprietary fasting mimicking nutrition that feeds the body while not triggering the cellular nutrient-sensing pathways (NSPs).

It is the latest secret bio-hack for fat burn, performance, and a longevity lifestyle, allowing you to reap the benefits of intermittent fasting without hunger!

Use Fasting Shake to replace breakfast, to extend your intermittent fasting window and fat burn, or as a snack between meals.

• Vanilla Flavor
• 14 Individual sachets per bag
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  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free
  • Won't break your fast! Fast for longer!
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For the intermittent faster: Use it after your first 12 hours of overnight fasting in order to eat in the morning while extending your physiological fast to 16 or more hours. Most centenarians (people living 100 and beyond) eat an early dinner and then abstain from food until the next day, a practice called circadian fasting or a 12-hours fast. In recent years, a longer intermittent fasting period of 16 or 18 or longer hours has been suggested to help people with weight, performance and cellular autophagy/rejuvenation. The main downside of longer intermittent fasting is that it is difficult to reach longer hours and autophagy and can induce fatigue and headache for some.

• Add fasting shake to your morning coffee or tea
• Start your day with positive energy, a vibrant mood, and premium nourishment!

For the health-minded: Use it daily as a source of healthy premium nutrients that provide fasting and longevity signals to your cells.

To support a busy lifestyle: Use it at home or on the go when you don't have time or access to healthy food. Keep the fasting shake in your purse, office, luggage or wherever you go! One great sachet will keep you nourished and satisfied until your next meal!

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Fasting Shake unlocks fasting benefits so that you be at your best any day, and every day.

Fasting tastes good!

Won't break your fast so you can fast for longer and stay nourished, with more energy and less hunger!

Clean ingredients to fuel your body, yet keep you in a fasting state

Based off the Fasting Mimicking Nutrition Technology

Your morning routine made simple. Individual sachets for easy on the go

Vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free